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Here at Pool Butlers, we provide exceptional cleaning, and maintenance services for residential and commercial pools throughout New Jersey. Whether you are looking for dedicated, friendly maintenance or just a one time clean-up, Pool Butlers is the company that you will want to work with.

Pool Opening

This service consists of the following:

Removal of cover, fold and place in your storage area
Installing ladders, diving board, handrail, lights, etc.
Reassemble filter and pumps
Shock pool and start up your stystem. (Shock will be added to pools using chlorine only)

Pool Cleaning

This service consists of the following:

Test water for correct chemical amount, add all chemicals as needed
Brush walls and steps
Vacuum Pool and Spa
Check water level, and make adjustments as required
Backwash and add DE
Empty pump and skimmer basket

Pool Closing

This service consists of the following:

Removal of ladders & handrails & place in your storage area. (Don't store chemicals and handrails together)
Winterize filter and pump(s) by removing plugs and baskets.
Remove jets and return fittings.
Blow out lines and plug lines with plugs and gizzmos.
Shock pool and add winter algaecide (shock and algaecide are included) for chlorine pools only.
Cover pool with pool cover.

We understand that great customer service is the most important factor when choosing a pool maintnance company. We are reliable, dependable, honest and our professionalism and knowledge is well documented. We look forward to serving you.

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